Register a Trademark in Maryland 2023: Protect Your Brand Today

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How to Register a Trademark in Maryland

Stand out in the competitive business arena with a solid brand identity! Register your Maryland trademark to ensure your brand’s distinctiveness and prevent infringement. Let this comprehensive roadmap guide you – safeguard your brand with ease.

Embrace clarity and success – this step-by-step guide simplifies Maryland LLC formation and trademark registration. Together with LLCBase expert guidance, secure your brand’s future in Maryland and beyond. Embark on your journey to protect your priceless brand asset today!

What is a Trademark

A trademark is a distinctive sign, symbol, logo, word, phrase, or combination of these elements used to identify and represent a company’s products or services. It distinguishes a brand from its competitors and helps consumers recognize the source of a particular product or service. Trademarks are crucial in building brand identity, reputation, and consumer trust.

Trademarks can include various forms, such as:

  • Standard Character Mark: This type of trademark consists of words, letters, or numbers without any specific design or styling. It protects the textual element of the mark, regardless of the font, color, or size used in its presentation.
  • Stylized/Design Mark: This type of trademark includes unique designs, logos, or stylizations of characters that create a distinctive visual representation of a brand. The protection offered by this trademark is limited to the specific design elements and their arrangement.
  • Sound Mark: This trademark protects a unique sound or audio element associated with a brand, such as a jingle, tune, or distinctive product sound.
  • Color Mark: This type of trademark protects a specific color or combination of colors when used in connection with a company’s products or services, representing a brand’s identity.
  • Three-Dimensional Mark: This type of trademark protects the unique shape, packaging, or configuration of a product or its container, which helps consumers identify the product’s source.

Suppose you aspire to safeguard your intellectual property rights and garner greater brand recognition in Maryland. We recommend consulting a professional to guide you!

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Register Your Maryland Trademark: Step-by-step

Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to register your trademark in Maryland.

Step 1: Check if a Trademark is For You

Before proceeding with your Maryland trademark registration, consider whether a trademark application is the best option for your business. Ensure that your mark is unique and easily distinguishable from existing trademarks in the market. Evaluate its potential value to your brand and whether it is worth investing in the registration process. Remember that trademarks can be registered at the state and federal levels, so consider which level of protection suits your business needs.

In that case, it is recommended to enlist the assistance of the top trademark service provider in Maryland for a seamless trademark registration process and effective enforcement against potential infringers.

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Step 2: Choosing the Right Trademark

Before applying for trademark registration in Maryland, conduct a comprehensive trademark search through the MarylandTrademark Search  to ensure your mark still needs to be registered or is pending registration. You can use the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) for this search. This step is crucial to avoid potential conflicts and infringement issues with existing registered trademarks.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the USPTO’s trademark filing basis and choose the most appropriate one for your application, such as “use in commerce” or “intent to use.”

Factors to consider when selecting a protectable trademark:

  • Selecting a mark: It is crucial to choose your mark carefully, as not all marks are registrable with the USPTO or legally protectable. Before filing a trademark or service mark application, consider whether the mark you want to register is registrable and the difficulty in protecting your mark based on the strength of the mark selected.
  • Mark format: You need to identify the format of your mark: a standard character mark, a stylized/design mark, or a sound mark. Each format has its specific requirements and considerations.
  • Identification of goods and services: It is essential to identify the precise goods and/or services to which the mark will apply. This information helps determine the scope of protection for your trademark.
  • Searching: Before applying, search the USPTO database for similar trademarks to ensure no one else claims rights in a similar mark used on related goods/services through a federal registration.
  • Filing basis: Determine your filing basis before submitting your application. This information is crucial for the proper processing of your application.
  • Trademark Attorney: If you are foreign-domiciled, you must be represented by a U.S.-licensed attorney at the USPTO. For those domiciled in the United States or its territories, hiring a U.S.-licensed attorney specializing in trademark law is strongly recommended, although optional, to guide you through the application process.

Step 3: Prepare and Submit Your Application

To register a Maryland trademark, you must apply with the USPTO using their Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). Look for a reliable trademark service in Maryland to guide you with your trademark registration. The application should include the following information:

  • The name of the applicant (individual, corporation, partnership, or other legal entity)
  • A valid mailing address and email address
  • A clear and accurate depiction of the mark (either in standard characters or a stylized/design format)
  • A detailed description of the goods or services associated with the mark
  • The appropriate filing basis (e.g., “use in commerce” or “intent to use”)
  • The filing fee varies depending on the type of application form you choose (TEAS Plus and TEAS Standard)

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Step 4: Work With the USPTO

After submitting your application, a USPTO examining attorney will review it to ensure it meets all legal requirements. The attorney may communicate with you to request additional information or clarification before approving your Maryland trademark registration. It is essential to respond promptly and accurately to any inquiries or requests from the examining attorney to ensure your application is completed on time.

Step 5: Receive Approval/Denial of Your Application

Upon approval, the USPTO will issue a Notice of Allowance for “intent to use” applications or a Notice of Publication for “use in commerce” applications. The Notice of Publication will include when your mark is published in the Official Gazette, allowing third parties to oppose your registration within 30 days. If no opposition is filed or if the opposition is resolved in your favor, the USPTO will register your trademark and issue a registration certificate.

If your application is denied, the examining attorney will issue an Office Action detailing the reasons for refusal. You have six months to respond to the Office Action and address the issues raised by the examining attorney. Your application will be abandoned if you fail to satisfy the requirements or overcome the refusal.

Step 6: Maintain Your Registration

After successfully registering your Maryland trademark, you must maintain it by filing periodic maintenance documents and fees with the USPTO. The first maintenance filing is due between the 5th and 6th year after registration, followed by a second filing between the 9th and 10th year, and subsequent filings every ten years after that. Please file the required maintenance documents and fees to avoid the cancellation of your trademark registration.

By diligently following these steps and staying informed about the ongoing requirements, you can successfully register and maintain a Maryland trademark, protecting the brand and reputation of your LLC in Maryland.

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Fees to Register Trademark in Maryland

The fees for registering a trademark in Maryland are determined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as trademarks are registered at the federal level. The exact fees depend on the type of application form you choose and the number of classes of goods and services you include in your application. The USPTO offers two types of application forms:

  • TEAS Plus: This application form requires a filing fee of $250 per class of goods or services. The TEAS Plus form has stricter requirements, such as providing a more detailed description of the goods or services and selecting from the USPTO’s Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual.
  • TEAS Standard: This application form has a filing fee of $350 per class of goods or services. The TEAS RF form has fewer requirements than the TEAS Standard form, but you must still meet certain filing requirements.

Remember, these fees are only for filing the initial application with the USPTO. Additional fees may apply during the registration process, such as fees for filing a Statement of Use, requesting an extension of time, or maintaining your trademark registration.

It is essential to consider the fees associated with trademark registration in Maryland as part of your overall strategy for protecting your brand and ensuring its success. Please note that these fees are subject to change, and it is always a good idea to check the USPTO’s current fee schedule for the most accurate information when filing.

Advantages of Trademark Registration in Maryland

Registering a trademark in Maryland offers significant advantages for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Maryland, including:

  • Exclusive Rights to Use the Trademark: When registering a trademark in Maryland, you obtain exclusive rights to use the mark within the state for the goods and services specified in your registration. No other business can use your trademark without your permission, preventing consumer confusion and protecting your brand’s reputation.
  • Legal Protection and Presumption of Ownership: Maryland trademark registration protects against unauthorized use of your mark. In case of infringement, you have the right to take legal action and seek remedies, such as monetary damages and injunctions. Additionally, having a registered trademark in Maryland proves your ownership and gives you a presumption of validity in legal disputes.
  • Public Notice of Ownership: Registering your trademark in Maryland puts the public on notice of your claim to ownership of the mark. This can help deter potential infringers from using your trademark, as they will know your rights and the risk of legal consequences.
  • Licensing Opportunities: You can license your mark to other businesses with a registered Maryland trademark. Licensing can generate additional revenue for your business and expand your brand’s presence in the market.
  • Trademark Registration as a Business Asset: A registered trademark in Maryland is a valuable business asset that can increase the overall value of your company. It can be used as collateral for loans, sold, or transferred as part of a merger or acquisition.
  • Basis for Federal Trademark Registration: If you plan to expand your business beyond Maryland, having a state trademark registration can serve as a basis for applying for federal trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Federal trademark registration offers nationwide protection and additional benefits, such as the ability to register your trademark in foreign countries.


What is a trademark?
A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods or services of one party from those of others.
Who is eligible to register a trademark in Maryland?
Any individual or business entity who adopts and uses a trademark may apply for registration with the Maryland Secretary of State.
How long does it usually take to register a trademark in Maryland?
The registration process typically takes about 6 to 8 months in Maryland.
Do I need a lawyer to register my trademark in Maryland?
While you are not legally required to hire a lawyer for trademark registration, it is often helpful as the process can be complicated.
How much does it cost to register a trademark in Maryland?
The fee for filing a trademark application in Maryland is $100.
Can one trademark registration protect my mark in both Maryland and the whole U.S.?
No, a trademark registered in Maryland is only applicable within the state of Maryland. You will need to separately apply to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for federal registration to protect your mark nationwide.
How do I search for existing trademarks in Maryland?
You can conduct a preliminary search of the Maryland register on the Secretary of State’s website to look for existing registered marks.
What happens if my trademark application is opposed in Maryland?
If your trademark application is opposed in Maryland, you will have to face a formal trial by opposition proceedings in front of the Maryland Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.
Can I apply for a trademark with the Maryland Secretary of State online?
Yes, you can apply for a trademark with the Maryland Secretary of State online.
What pieces of information should I submit when applying for a trademark registration in Maryland?
When applying for a trademark registration in Maryland, you must submit a completed application form, the requisite applicable fee, and proof of your claimed mark to the Secretary of State.
How do I prove that my mark is eligible for a trademark in Maryland?
To prove your mark’s eligibility for trademark in Maryland, you should provide evidence of its uniqueness, non-descriptiveness, and use in commerce.
How long does trademark protection last in Maryland?
Trademark protection lasts for ten years in Maryland and can be renewed indefinitely.
What is the difference between a state trademark and a federal trademark?
A state trademark offers limited protection within the state alone, while a federal trademark registration offers nationwide protection.
How do I pick a strong and distinctive mark for my trademark registration?
To have a strong and distinctive mark for your trademark, you should choose something that is unique and stands out in the desired market.
Can I enforce my Maryland trademark against infringers even if I haven’t registered it federally?
Yes, you can still enforce your Maryland trademark against infringers, but only within the borders of the state.
What is the “specimen” requirement when applying for a trademark registration in Maryland?
A specimen is a sample illustration of how your claimed trademark is used in commerce, which you are required to submit in order to apply for trademark registration in Maryland.
Which governmental department handles trademark registrations in Maryland?
The Maryland Secretary of State is responsible for handling trademark registrations in Maryland.
What should I do if someone infringes on my trademark rights in Maryland?
If your trademark rights are being infringed upon, you should first consult an attorney and then take appropriate legal action.
How do I decide if I should seek federal trademark registration in addition to a Maryland state trademark registration?
You should only seek federal trademark registration if you plan to operate your business or provide products and services outside of Maryland.
Can foreign companies register trademarks in Maryland?
Yes, foreign companies are eligible to register trademarks in Maryland on the same basis as domestic individuals and companies.
What are the benefits of registering my Maryland trademark federally?
The main benefit of registering a trademark federally is that you would gain national enforcement of your rights.
Can I apply for “incontestable” status for my Maryland trademark?
Yes, you may file an optional application for “incontestable” status of your Maryland trademark registration during the fifth and sixth years after receiving your initial certificate of registration.
If I already have a Maryland trade name, do I still need to register for a trademark?
Yes, trade names refer to the company name or individual name under which the business operates, while a trademark merely seeks to identify and distinguish your product or service.
How important is a trademark attorney when selecting and registering my trademark in Maryland?
A trademark attorney can be instrumental in analyzing the distinctiveness of your trademark, conducting prior searches, submitting the application to the government, and assisting with any legal proceedings required to enforce your rights over the trademark.
What should I do if I made a mistake on my Maryland trademark application after it’s been submitted?
If you find a mistake after you submitted your Maryland trademark application, you should contact the Secretary of State immediately for resolution.
Can one trademark apply to multiple products or services in Maryland?
Yes, but it’s important that the proposed mark demonstrates commercial distinction when used across the typical range of related goods or services.
What is the purpose of “service mark” registration versus traditional trademark registration in Maryland?
A service mark is used to identify and distinguish the source of a service offering while a trademark is used to distinguish goods offerings.
What is the difference between a common law trademark and a registered trademark?
Common law trademarks are based on actual use in commerce while registered trademarks provide statutory protections nationwide.
How do I take advantage of priority filings when seeking multiple levels of registration under international treaties in Maryland?
If you want to take advantage of international protection made applicable by treaties, you need to register your United States trademark with the appropriate country’s community register where protection is sought, usually within six months.
What’s the purpose of registering a trademark?
Registering a trademark provides unique legal protection to the owner, enabling them to stop competitors from using similar abstractions that may confuse consumers.
How do I apply for a trademark registration in Maryland?
File a trademark application at the Secretary of State (SOS) or through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), assigning an industry and classification.
Can I use a trademark even if it is not registered?
While you may still have rights to usetrademarks not registered, registered trademarks provide greater benefits to the owner in Maryland and the entire United States and its territories.
What’s the time frame timeline after I submit my trademark application in Maryland?
It typically depends on the complexity, adoption eligibility, classification, requisites documents uploaded, prosecution criteria requirements, market interferences, And can take anytime between 6 t0 24 months to process fully.
What documents do I I require to submit to apply for my trademark in Maryland?
You need to show use or authorization of the trademark if applicable as provided in the MDTPA together with TMEP Vol. 1. documents establishing proof (e.g., TME)
How much does a trademark cost to Regional or Federal registration in Maryland?
Typically, the regional court or USPT request Only fee initiation for filing, screening, and granting registration termination Administrative costs can vary and prohibitive to prices start below $100 to $700.
Does a trademark approved in FED can give unregistered non-profit MN company any way to challenge MD owners?
No—the protective regional MOIPA process enguids process limiting adjudication, state incorporation of LA format .
Has some proof tests found that small entrepreneurs are more likely not to register their brand’s trademark?
Yes. there are proven grounds to indicate that small entrepreneurs fear the costs of taking strategic action in filing their tm appellations as billable hours of legal counsels used cause uncontrolled budgets states such as Maryland.
What are the federal classes in which trademarks are spelled in good faith by the registration agency?
there aren’t any other regulatory agencies superseding trademark classifications for the State of Maryland without IC action pursuing tradenared registrations these are officially named. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Federal classes.
Can I change my registered trademarks after processing it?
You can request that an approved trademark registration form will amend, consolidate ownership, sell, or disaffirm executed sections.
What is the average timeframe from filing your notice of opposition till issuance of trademark tribunal ruling in Maryland?
Usually, it takes within three years for an appointment by the board to refine disputes pursuant to PRPA.
Can I appeal MD trademark tribunal’s respective decisions without forfeiting my nameplate?
Yes—If you decide to push back on appeal, the desired judgment procedures make up the de novo standard protection center (when explaining law), further carried downwards all decisions.
Are there products that don’t require a trademark when marketed through advertising agencies in Maryland?
There’s no definite or available registry listing any brand not requiring a Maryland trademark when advertised statewide..
In Maryland, which entities are responsible for monitoring or appearing at legal disputes emanating from the use of a particular trademark?
Department of Security Maryland’s Value-added permits the specific. to assign legal conflict scrutiny to a process step providing reasons connected with activity commission protections of offered properties.
Can copyrights hamper chances of malwares companies seeking US trademark sharing facilitation in Maryland?
Approxitably—they could prevent copyright searches that corporations are searching for in Maryland, state law compliant rights.
Do compulsory process found in Maryland when handling allegations re false advertising include helping someone allocate relief management after finding their offices proving added impact on reliability?
There are various sections containing paths towards manual directiveness to pursue towards relief to those subscribing clients should compensate sufficiently allowing rule verification the Public Service Authority Request.
How does legal gateways or taking legal procedures against other USA states warranty enhanced inbound to international trademarks credits in 45 different countries whose specialty products elapse patent protection?
Successfully winning arbitrary associations with interstate commerce rules result in trademark prosecution awards, intercontinental beneficial credentials in critical territorial trademarks strategically pursuited global engagement law certificates.
Can 2 or 3 different names be trademarkingly united when starting a Co-group in Maryland?
Filing can alternate from solely one to more elumare but its borders can preserve in categories consisting of purposeful pairs when moving cooperation spirit it depends, though tracking the two folds forward separately should assure its specificity.
Are brands public or pseudo characters operated in Maryland regulated san the trademark office?
Brand names, images, and figures identify relating copyrights command federal licensing with all facets handling by standard firms under purview using strict government laws to pursue across the USA and Maryland; still being headquartered doesn’t change the service focused status quo.
How do the legal services change depending on my scope of selling the product or service once “TM” notified?
“TM” local designator letters always entail lines that assist registrants whether regulatory lines enforce those nameplates originating dispensable approval increase amounts based on State or industry recommendation.
If I sometimes sell generic supplementary nutrient sources alongside urbane patented flavors bearing the name of the nourishing elixir in Maryland, does my reasoning simply support patent litigious awareness filed exclusively bound occasionally?
Registered US trademarks through PTO obtain style components to make noticeable branding trademarks giving greater protection and business prominence but have no mononsrights based exclusively on unbanded content classifications knowingly assessed. This fairness propensity modifies based on identifying factors the tradables uses.
Do American Arbitration Association sort but out of court cooperates litigation with TM actions dock themes when settling disputes in Maryland?
Diversely qualified mediators managing comerce central ideas address mediation sessions far opposed to real or elected personnel serving judgments operated through associations like ATA provisions, and home proceedings currently under dissolvable jurisprudence contingenncs preformed suiting limited joint rival potential securities methods beyond surveillance standards certifications for state and federal postings.

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Registering a trademark in Maryland is crucial in protecting your brand’s identity and reputation within the state. By following the step-by-step guide in this article and understanding the fees and advantages associated with trademark registration, businesses can ensure their trademarks are adequately protected from infringement. Additionally, a registered Maryland trademark is a valuable business asset and can provide a foundation for future national and international expansion.

By investing in trademark registration, businesses can secure their brand’s identity, foster consumer trust, and promote long-term success. Visit LLCBase for more valuable insights and resources to help you navigate the trademark registration process in Maryland.

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