Becoming a Realtor in Wyoming 2023: A Pro Guide

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How to Become a Realtor in Wyoming

Are you considering a career in real estate and want to know how to become a realtor in Wyoming? Wyoming offers a thriving real estate market with plenty of opportunities for those looking to start an LLC in Wyoming. In this comprehensive guide, we will outline the steps you need to take to become a licensed realtor in Wyoming and provide valuable information to help you succeed in this exciting industry.

At LLCBase, we understand that forming a business can be an overwhelming experience, so we are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a change or a newcomer seeking a rewarding career, becoming a realtor in Wyoming could be the right path. With a strong housing market and a diverse range of properties available, there’s never been a better time to dive into the world of real estate in Wyoming. Read on to discover the steps you’ll need how to become a realtor in Wyoming.

What is a Realtor

A realtor is a licensed real estate professional member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a trade organization that sets ethical standards and provides resources for its members. Becoming a realtor means you are committed to upholding these standards and maintaining high professionalism in your real estate practice.

Why Become a Realtor in Wyoming

Wyoming’s dynamic and expanding real estate market presents many opportunities for budding realtors. The market’s vibrancy reflects a broad spectrum of property types, from urban apartments and suburban homes to rural dwellings and luxury estates. This variety caters to various lifestyles and budgets, presenting many potential dealings for real estate professionals in various segments.

Moreover, the consistently strong demand for housing in Wyoming reinforces the market’s stability and growth potential. This demand is driven by numerous factors, such as population growth, economic prosperity, and attractive lifestyle offerings, making the region a desired destination for numerous individuals and families. The strong need for housing services, from renting to home ownership, provides realtors with a steady stream of clients.

Above all, operating as a realtor in Wyoming exposes professionals to a gamut of experiences and learning opportunities. Dealing with different property types necessitates a versatile skill set, fostering expertise in various real estate market niches. This multifaceted professional growth and the potential for high earnings make starting a real estate career in Wyoming a particularly attractive proposition.

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6 Steps to Become a Realtor in Wyoming

Here are the essential steps to becoming a realtor in Wyoming. Come check this out!

Step 1: Understand Wyoming’s Licensing Requirements

Becoming a licensed real estate agent in Wyoming begins with familiarizing yourself with the state-specific requirements set forth by the Wyoming Real Estate Commission. These requirements can vary from state to state, so it is essential to research and understand the unique prerequisites for obtaining a real estate license in Wyoming. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Wyoming Real Estate Commission website: This official government website will provide up-to-date information on the licensing requirements, including education, experience, and examination guidelines.
  2. Review the education requirements: Each state has its own stipulations regarding the number of prelicensing education hours required to qualify for the licensing exam. Learn about the specific coursework and topics covered in Wyoming’s prelicensing education program.
  3. Understand the experience prerequisites: Some states may require prospective real estate agents to have experience in the industry, such as working as an apprentice or assistant under a licensed broker. Check for any experience requirements for becoming a licensed real estate agent in Wyoming.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the examination process: The licensing exam will typically consist of national and state-specific questions, testing your knowledge of real estate principles, laws, and practices. Learn about the format, passing scores, and retake policies for Wyoming’s real estate licensing exam.
  5. Determine any additional requirements: In some cases, states may require background checks, fingerprinting, or proof of legal residency for prospective real estate agents. Ensure you know any additional requirements that may apply to you in Wyoming.

By thoroughly researching and understanding the specific requirements for obtaining a real estate license in Wyoming, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your journey to becoming a successful realtor in Wyoming.

Step 2: Enroll in Wyoming-Approved Prelicensing Course

The next step to becoming a licensed real estate agent in Wyoming is to complete a prelicensing course. This important educational program will equip you with the foundational knowledge necessary for a successful career in real estate and prepare you for the licensing exam. To ensure a smooth learning experience, consider the following:

  1. Choose Wyoming-approved course: It is crucial to enroll in a prelicensing course that is approved by the Wyoming Real Estate Commission like Wyoming Real Estate College, Real Estate Express, and The CE Shop. These courses have been verified to meet the state’s specific educational requirements and cover the relevant topics you’ll need to know for the exam.
  2. Decide between online or in-person classes: Prelicensing courses are offered in various formats, including online and in-person classes. Choose the format best suits your learning style, schedule, and personal preferences. Online courses provide flexibility and convenience, while in-person classes may offer more opportunities for interaction and hands-on learning.
  3. Review the curriculum: A comprehensive prelicensing course will cover key topics such as real estate law, contracts, property management, agency relationships, property valuation, finance, and ethics. Make sure the course you choose covers all the necessary subjects to prepare you for the licensing exam and your future career in Wyoming real estate.
  4. Consider the course duration and schedule: Prelicensing courses can vary from weeks to months. Select a course that fits your schedule and allows you enough time to absorb the material and prepare for the licensing exam.
  5. Look for additional resources and support: Some prelicensing courses may offer additional resources such as study guides, practice exams, and instructor access for questions or clarification. These resources can be invaluable in helping you prepare for the licensing exam and build a solid foundation for your real estate career.

By enrolling in Wyoming-approved prelicensing course and dedicating yourself to mastering the fundamental concepts of real estate, you will be well on your way to passing the licensing exam and launching your career as a realtor in Wyoming.

Step 3: Pass the Wyoming Licensing Exam

Once you have completed your prelicensing course, it’s time to focus on the Wyoming real estate licensing exam. The exam fee is $130.. This crucial step will assess your understanding of real estate principles, laws, and practices and determine your eligibility for a real estate license in Wyoming. To increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt, follow these tips:

  1. Register for the exam: Visit the Wyoming Real Estate Commission website or contact the designated testing agency to register for the licensing exam. Be sure to register well in advance of your desired testing date to secure your preferred time and location.
  2. Create a study plan: Develop a plan that allocates ample time for reviewing the material covered in your prelicensing course and targets any areas where you may need additional practice or clarification. Break down the content into smaller sections to make it more manageable, and set achievable goals to motivate yourself.
  3. Utilize available resources: Take advantage of any resources provided by your prelicensing course, such as study guides, practice exams, and instructor support. Additionally, consider investing in supplementary study materials, such as exam prep books or online resources, to reinforce your knowledge further.
  4. Test your knowledge with practice exams: Practice exams are invaluable for gauging your understanding of the material and identifying areas that may require further review. Complete multiple practice exams under timed conditions to familiarize yourself with the exam format, question types, and pacing.
  5. Join a study group: Connecting with other aspiring real estate agents in Wyoming can provide additional support and motivation as you prepare for the exam. Share resources, quiz each other on key concepts, and discuss challenging topics to enhance your understanding and retention of the material.
  6. Stay calm and focused on exam day: Get a good night’s sleep before the exam, eat a nutritious meal, and arrive at the testing center early to reduce stress and anxiety. During the exam, take your time, read each question carefully, and trust in your preparation.

By diligently preparing for the Wyoming real estate licensing exam and making use of available resources, you’ll be well-positioned to pass the test and move forward in your journey to becoming a licensed Realtor in Wyoming.

Step 4: Obtain Your Wyoming Real Estate Agent License

After successfully passing the licensing exam, the next step is to obtain and activate your real estate agent license with the Wyoming Real Estate Commission. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Submit an application: Complete the license application form provided by the Wyoming Real Estate Commission. This may require you to provide personal information, proof of prelicensing education, and exam results.
  2. Pay the required fees: A $150 fee is associated with obtaining and activating your real estate license. These fees vary by state, so check the Wyoming Real Estate Commission’s guidelines for the specific amounts.
  3. Fulfill any additional requirements: Some states may require additional documentation, such as a background check, fingerprinting, or proof of legal residency. Ensure you have completed all necessary requirements to avoid delays in obtaining your license.
  4. Activate your license: Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive your Wyoming real estate agent license. Make sure to activate your license according to the instructions provided by the Wyoming Real Estate Commission.

Step 5: Elevate Your Career

As a licensed real estate agent in Wyoming, you should elevate your career by becoming a realtor or starting a business in Wyoming. This distinction signifies your commitment to upholding high ethical standards and professionalism in the real estate industry. To become a realtor, follow these steps:

  1. Research your local Realtor association: Find your local realtor association by visiting the National Association of Realtors (NAR) website. This organization will be a valuable resource for networking, education, and professional development opportunities.
  2. Join the National Association of Realtors: To become a realtor, you must first join the NAR. This requires submitting an application and paying the membership dues. As a NAR member, you can access exclusive resources, tools, and support to help you grow your real estate career.
  3. Become a member of your local Realtor association: In addition to joining the NAR, you’ll also need to become a member. This membership will provide valuable local resources, networking opportunities, and access to continuing education courses.
  4. Adhere to the NAR Code of Ethics: As a realtor, you’ll be expected to uphold the NAR Code of Ethics, which outlines the professional standards and ethical conduct that realtors must adhere to in their real estate practice.

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Step 6: Join a Real Estate Brokerage

Once you have obtained and activated your real estate license, the final step in launching your career as a realtor is to join a reputable real estate brokerage. Brokerages are the foundation for your practice, providing you with resources, support, and a professional network to help you succeed in the industry. To find the right brokerage for you, follow these tips:

  1. Research local brokerages: Look for brokerages in your desired Wyoming market area. Compile a list of potential brokerages with a strong presence, a solid reputation, and a history of success in the area.
  2. Assess brokerage size and culture: Brokerages can vary, ranging from small boutique firms to large national franchises. Consider each size’s advantages and disadvantages and which environment suits your personality and work style best.
  3. Evaluate the brokerage’s values and mission: Choose one that aligns with your personal and professional goals. Reach out to current agents within the brokerage or read online reviews to gain insight into the company culture and work environment.
  4. Consider training and mentorship opportunities: As a newly licensed realtor, ongoing training and mentorship can be invaluable in helping you develop your skills and grow your business. Look for brokerages that offer comprehensive training programs, mentorship opportunities, or access to experienced agents who can provide guidance and support.
  5. Analyze commission structure and fees: Brokerages may have different commissions and fees associated with their services. Compare the commission splits, desk fees, and other costs associated with each brokerage to ensure you find a suitable arrangement for your financial goals.
  6. Schedule interviews with potential brokerages: Arrange interviews with those that interest you to discuss your goals, ask questions, and get a feel for the company culture. Use these meetings to evaluate whether the brokerage is a good fit for your needs and aspirations.
  7. Make an informed decision: After researching and interviewing potential brokerages, weigh the pros and cons of each option and make a well-informed decision that aligns with your goals, values, and professional growth.

Cost to Become a Realtor in Wyoming

Pursuing a career as a realtor in Wyoming requires an initial financial investment to cover various expenses associated with the licensing process and professional development. The costs can vary depending on several factors, so budgeting for these expenditures is essential to ensure a smooth start to your career in property management in Wyoming. Some of the common costs you may encounter include:

  • Prelicensing course fees: Enrolling in Wyoming-approved prelicensing course is a prerequisite for obtaining your real estate license. The fees for these courses can vary depending on the provider and format (online or in-person).
  • Licensing exam fees (The exam fee is $130.): Registering for and taking the Wyoming real estate licensing exam will also incur a fee. This fee may differ depending on the testing agency and location.
  • License activation fees ($150): Once you’ve passed the licensing exam, you’ll need to pay a fee to activate your real estate license with the Wyoming Real Estate Commission.
  • National Association of Realtors membership dues: If you become a realtor, you must join the National Association of Realtors and pay the annual membership dues.
  • Local Realtor Association membership dues: In addition to NAR membership, you’ll also need to join your local realtor association and pay their membership fees.
  • Background check and fingerprinting fees: Some states may require a background check and fingerprinting as part of the licensing process, which will involve additional costs.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance: Many brokerages and states require real estate agents to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance to protect against potential legal claims.
  • Business expenses: As a realtor, you’ll need to budget for business-related expenses such as marketing materials, business

Advantages of Becoming a Realtor

Embracing a career as a realtor in Wyoming comes with numerous advantages, making it an attractive option for aspiring real estate professionals. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect to enjoy as Wyoming realtor:

  • Professionalism and Ethical Standards: As a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and your local realtor association, you’ll be part of a well-regulated industry emphasizing professionalism and abiding by a strict code of ethics. This commitment to high standards will help you earn trust and credibility with your clients if you decide to start your own Wyoming LLC.
  • Access to Resources and Support: Your membership in the NAR and local realtor association will grant you access to a wealth of resources, including industry reports, marketing materials, and legal assistance. These valuable tools can help you stay informed and confidently navigate the real estate industry’s complexities.
  • Networking Opportunities: Being a realtor also means being part of a community of like-minded professionals. Attend local and national events, conferences, and workshops to establish connections, learn from experienced realtors, and expand your referral network.
  • Continuing Education: The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends, laws, and best practices. As a realtor, you’ll have access to various continuing education opportunities, both in-person and online, to enhance your skills and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Flexible Schedule: One of the most appealing aspects of a career in real estate is the potential for a flexible schedule. As a realtor, you’ll be free to set your own hours and work at your own pace, allowing you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Unlimited Earning Potential: Unlike many professions, real estate offers unlimited earning potential. As a realtor, your success and income will be determined by your dedication, hard work, and ability to build lasting relationships with your clients.


What are the requirements to become a licensed Realtor in Wyoming?
A person must be at least 18 years old and have completed 90 hours of pre-licensing education that meet the Wyoming requirements.
Where can I complete my real estate pre-licensing education in Wyoming?
Many real estate schools offer online courses that are approved in Wyoming.
How long does it take to complete the pre-licensing education requirement in Wyoming?
It typically takes about three weeks to complete the pre-licensing education requirement.
Do I have to take a state exam to become a licensed Realtor in Wyoming?
Yes, after completing the pre-licensing education, you must pass the national and Wyoming-specific real estate exams.
How much does it cost to become a licensed Realtor in Wyoming?
The pre-licensing education can cost between $100 and $500, and the real estate exam is $75.
Is there a separate state exam fee in addition to the $75 for the real estate exam in Wyoming?
No, the $75 fee covers both national and Wyoming-specific real estate exams.
What is the passing rate for the real estate exam in Wyoming?
The national average passing rate is around 65%, and the Wyoming real estate exam has a passing score of 75%.
Does Wyoming have any specific educational requirements for continuing education as a licensed Realtor?
Wyoming requires that licensed Realtors take 45 hours of continuing education every three years.
How much does it cost to renew a real estate license in Wyoming?
It costs $300 to renew a real estate license in Wyoming every three years.
Are there any reciprocity agreements for licensed Realtors between Wyoming and other states?
Wyoming does not have reciprocal agreements with any other states for real estate licensing.
How long does it take for a real estate license application to be processed in Wyoming?
The Wyoming Real Estate Commission typically processes applications in two to four weeks.
Is there a fingerprinting requirement for real estate license applicants in Wyoming?
Yes, all real estate license applicants are required to complete fingerprinting and a background check.
Must I be a Wyoming resident to become a licensed Realtor?
No, you do not have to be a Wyoming resident, but you must be able to demonstrate that you are authorized to work in the United States.
How can I find a broker to sponsor me as a new Realtor in Wyoming?
Online job boards and professional network websites can be a helpful source for finding a broker who is hiring.
What types of real estate may be sold by Wyoming licensed Realtors?
Generally, Wyoming Realtors handle the sales of houses, rentals, royalties, leases of land, and commercial properties.
Is a background check required to become a licensed real estate agent in Wyoming?
Yes, background checks are necessary for all real estate license applicants to address any criminal convictions.
Are Wyoming real estate licenses issued for life, or do they require periodic renewals?
Real estate licenses are issued for three-year terms in Wyoming and must be renewed every three years.
Are residents of Wyoming the only people who can apply for a real estate license in the state?
No, anyone who meets the Wyoming state requirements for licensure, regardless of residency, can become a licensed real estate agent in the state.
Is it necessary to possess any prior sold experience to obtain a real estate license in Wyoming?
It is not necessary to possess any prior sold experience to obtain a real estate license in Wyoming.
Does Wyoming require any special education topics for people who want real estate licenses?
Wyoming requires education on title transfers, selling and listing brokerage agreements, business principles, and negotiating.
Once I have a real estate license in Wyoming, is there a requirement for a minimum number of sales per year?
There is no annual minimum sales threshold for agents with real estate licenses in the state of Wyoming.
Can I use an online national or digital brokerage to work as a Realtor in Wyoming?
You can use online national and digital brokerages in Wyoming to conduct your real estate transactions.
Are there any restrictions for convicted felons who want to become Wyoming real estate agents?
There are considerations such as the nature of the felony and the time that the applicant served out the charges to determine whether a convicted felon can become a Wyoming real estate agent.
Does utilizing a broker require a commission of funds in Wyoming?
Relationship among brokers and commissions agreed on, and licenced Real Forest only receives commissions through their brokerage agreement.
May a non-attorney broker clients in legal matters construed by the Commission as “UPL”-practice of law?
No, because this activity would require non-broker license.
Is the course certificate valid even after long years after completion?
Course certificates completed by meet all state-mandated requirements for pre-licensing education in real estate. There is a three-year limit on certificates for education approved for licenses by the Commission.
What happens to continuing education certificates of completion after three years?
Certificates expire after 36 months, so it is necessary to stay vigilant of certificate expiration through any continuing education providers to avoid being noncompliant with Commission regulations.
Can you have a second person in the receptionist area as a new business?
Until it is expanded, nobody is scheduled for the secondary seat since costs exceed gains from employment aren’t ideal for a brand new operation.
Is media coverage a requirement of joining the local board?
No, media coverage is not mandatory to join but can be supportive since becoming recognised in your communities as become further involved.
When does associate Broker have the duty to his or her employing Trust Account?
Any brokers who have offsite signing the creation’s performance negotiation of signature cards and oversight reinspection of internal management stocks are employed for the Trust Account by respective brokerage.

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How to Save Money While Starting a Becoming Realtor in Wyoming

First and foremost, it is crucial for new realtors to develop a comprehensive business plan. A well-thought-out plan will not only help you stay organized but also serve as a roadmap to success. By outlining your goals, target market, and marketing strategies, you will be able to allocate your resources wisely and avoid unnecessary expenses.

When it comes to obtaining the necessary licenses and certifications, it is important to research the most cost-effective options available. While it may be tempting to choose the most popular or prestigious institution, these often come with hefty price tags. Instead, consider looking for reputable and affordable alternatives that meet the requirements set forth by the Wyoming Real Estate Commission.

Another key aspect of saving money as a new realtor is cutting down on office expenses. Renting office space can be a significant expense for any business, especially in the initial phases. Therefore, consider starting out by working from home or utilizing co-working spaces that provide all the essential amenities at a fraction of the cost. In addition, harnessing the power of technology can be a major money-saver. Many tasks that traditionally required equipment and supplies can now be accomplished online, reducing overhead costs significantly.

One area where new realtors often overspend is marketing and advertising. While it is important to invest in marketing your services, taking an analytical approach can help save precious dollars. Instead of relying solely on traditional advertising methods like print media or billboards, consider leveraging digital marketing techniques. Nowadays, social media platforms and search engines provide targeted advertising options at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to reach potential clients more efficiently.

Networking is another crucial aspect of building a successful real estate career. Attending industry events, conferences, and joining professional organizations can greatly expand your network and open doors to new clients and opportunities. However, these activities can also be expensive. In order to save money, focus on select events and organizations that align with your target market and offer the most value. Additionally, consider alternative networking methods such as joining online communities or participating in virtual conferences, which often have lower registration fees or even free attendance.

Adopting a frugal mindset and seeking out cost-effective solutions can make a significant difference in the financial viability of your real estate venture. It is essential to prioritize your expenses, weigh the return on investment, and explore affordable alternatives. Starting a real estate business in Wyoming may seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and financial restraint, new realtors can navigate these challenges and set themselves up for long-term success.


Pursuing a career as a realtor in Wyoming, fondly known as The Equality State, offers a world of opportunities and a chance to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives. By adhering to the steps outlined in this guide and committing to continuous professional development, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful and respected realtor in the vibrant Wyoming real estate market. As a realtor, you’ll uphold high ethical standards and provide exceptional service to your clients, setting yourself apart in this competitive industry.

As you embark on this exciting journey in Wyoming, take pride in knowing that you’re building a rewarding career and helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership or finding the perfect property. Embrace the challenges and opportunities of being a realtor. Remember that your dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence will ultimately lead to your success in the real estate industry. So, take the first step today towards a fulfilling career as a realtor in the beautiful state of Wyoming. Visit LLCBase to learn more and access valuable resources to help you get started on your path to success.

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