5 Best Businesses to Start in Kansas for 2024

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Best Businesses to Start in Kansas

Ready to embrace entrepreneurship in Kansas? With a diverse economic landscape and a burgeoning population, Kansas is your launch pad for success. Navigating through endless opportunities can be challenging, but fear not! At LLCBase, we’re your business buddy, helping you sail through the complexities of forming an LLC with our handy guide to the best businesses to start in Kansas.

Whether captivated by cutting-edge tech, passionate about healthcare, or keen on retail, starting an LLC in Kansas is within your grasp. We’ll walk you through essentials like market research and financing, simplifying your journey from idea to launch. Discover the most rewarding business opportunities in Kansas and kickstart your dream venture today!

Why Kansas is a Great Place for Business

Kansas has a thriving economy, making it an ideal location for starting a business. The state’s growing population, diverse industries, and business-friendly policies provide a solid foundation for new ventures. Check the following reasons why Kansas is a great place to start your business:

  • Economic Growth and Stability: Kansas boasts a robust and thriving economy, making it a prime location for entrepreneurs seeking to start a business. The state’s economic stability and continuous growth create a favorable environment for businesses to flourish, ensuring long-term success for new ventures.
  • Growing Population and Consumer Base: The increasing population in Kansas offers a substantial and diverse business consumer base. This growth allows entrepreneurs to tap into various market segments, catering to the unique needs and preferences of the residents. A larger population also translates to an increased demand for goods and services, providing ample opportunities for business expansion.
  • Diverse Industries and Opportunities: Kansas is home to various industries, from manufacturing to technology and tourism. This diversity provides entrepreneurs with numerous options for starting a business, allowing them to choose a sector that aligns with their interests, skills, and expertise. Additionally, the presence of multiple industries creates a dynamic business environment that fosters innovation and collaboration.
  • Business-Friendly Policies and Regulations: Kansas is known for its business-friendly policies and regulations, which promote economic growth and encourage entrepreneurship. The state government offers incentives to support new and existing businesses, such as tax breaks, grants, and low-interest loans. These policies create a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to easily set up and expand their ventures.
  • Advanced Infrastructure and Connectivity: The advanced infrastructure in Kansas plays a crucial role in attracting businesses and promoting economic growth. The state offers excellent transportation networks, including highways, railroads, airports, and seaports, ensuring seamless connectivity within the region and beyond. This well-developed infrastructure allows businesses to transport goods efficiently, access suppliers and customers, and stay connected with the global market.

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Top Businesses to Start in Kansas

We’ve got a treat for you! Feast your eyes on these five remarkable business ideas tailored for the Kansas marketplace. Each one could be your ticket to success. So, let’s unveil the inspiring ventures that could catapult you to business stardom in Kansas! Here are your five best business ideas to start a business in Kansas.

1. Online Retail Sale

The Online Retail Sale industry in Kansas has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for its products and services. By starting a Online Retail Sale venture in Kansas, entrepreneurs can capitalize on this lucrative market. Forming an LLC for your Online Retail Sale business allows you to benefit from Kansas’s tax advantages, minimize your personal liability, and enjoy pass-through taxation, further enhancing your business prospects.

2. Business Consulting

The Business Consulting sector presents another promising opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in Kansas. This industry has grown substantially, especially in the state capital, Topeka. A Business Consulting enterprise can generate a stable income and provide significant growth potential, making it a prime choice for those looking to establish a successful business in Kansas.

3. Virtual Assistant

For entrepreneurs seeking long-term success, the Virtual Assistant industry in Kansas is an excellent option. With support from the Kansas government, this sector receives numerous incentives and subsidies that aid new businesses in getting off the ground. Moreover, hiring employees for your Virtual Assistant business may qualify you for additional employment benefits and tax credits, further enhancing your venture’s growth prospects.

4. Information Technology Services

Investing in a Information Technology Services business in Kansas is a smart decision. The state’s robust infrastructure and business-friendly environment make it relatively easy for entrepreneurs to establish and operate a Information Technology Services venture. It’s essential to research the required licenses and permits necessary to run a Information Technology Services business in Kansas before embarking on this endeavor.

5. Cleaning Services

Finally, the Cleaning Services industry presents significant opportunities for business owners in Kansas. Although this sector may be competitive, its product and service demand remains high. The availability of raw materials in Kansas ensures that starting a Cleaning Services business is cost-effective, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark in the market.

Kansas offers diverse business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to embark on a new venture. Whether you’re interested in the Online Retail Sale, Business Consulting, Virtual Assistant, Information Technology Services, or Cleaning Services industry, there’s potential for success and growth in the Kansas market. By carefully evaluating your interests, skills, and resources, you can choose the right business opportunity and set yourself up for long-term success in Kansas.

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Setting Up Your Business in Kansas

Once you’ve identified the ideal business opportunity, it’s time to establish your venture in Kansas. This process generally involves the following steps:

Step 1: Choose a Legal Structure

Before launching your business, you must decide on a legal structure that best suits your needs. Options include a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company (LLC). Your choice will determine the level of personal liability protection, tax benefits, and compliance requirements you’ll face. We recommend starting an LLC as it safeguards your personal assets from business liabilities, provides tax flexibility, enhances your business’s credibility, and allows unlimited members. However, consider consulting with a legal or financial professional to help you make the best decision.

Step 2: Select a Business Name

Your business name should be unique, memorable, and reflective of your brand identity. Conduct a business name search using the Kansas Secretary of State Business Entity to ensure your chosen name isn’t already in use by another entity in Kansas. Remember that most states have specific naming requirements for different legal structures, including “LLC” or “Inc.” in the name.

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Step 3: Appoint Registered Agent

In Kansas, you must designate Registered Agent to handle legal and official documents. This person or entity must be located within the state and maintain a physical address. Many businesses use Registered Agent services in Kansas, which are available for a fee, to ensure compliance with this requirement.

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Step 4: Register Your Business Entity

Depending on your chosen legal structure, you must file the appropriate paperwork with the Kansas Secretary of State. This may include Articles of Organization for an LLC or Articles of Incorporation for a corporation. Be prepared to pay the necessary $165 formation fee or $90 for filing online and by mail incorporation fee when filing your documents.

Step 5: Apply for Licenses and Permits

Check with the Kansas Secretary of State, local county, and city officials to determine the licenses and permits required for your business in Kansas. These may include zoning approvals, health permits, and professional licenses. Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits ensures that your business operates legally and complies with local regulations.

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Step 6: Register for State and Federal Taxes

To register your business for taxes, you must obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This number is required for tax reporting and employee payroll purposes. You can apply for an EIN online, by mail, or by fax. In addition, you’ll need to register with the Kansas Department of Revenue to comply with Kansas tax requirements, to pay the  4.00% income tax and 6.50% sales tax.

Step 7: Secure Business Insurance

Protect your business from potential losses and liabilities by obtaining appropriate insurance coverage. Depending on your industry and specific business needs, this may include general liability, property, and workers’ compensation insurance. Consult an insurance agent to determine the right coverage for your Kansas business.

Step 8: Open a Business Bank Account

Establish a separate bank account for your business to keep personal and business finances separate. This can help improve your credit score, provide access to loans and other financing options, and simplify your financial management. When opening a business bank account in Kansas, be prepared to provide your EIN, business registration documents, and any required licenses or permits.

Costs of Starting an LLC in Kansas

Wondering about the LLC costs in Kansas? Here’s a simplified rundown of the associated costs to kick off your enterprise!

Secretary of State Filing Fee

To establish an LLC in Kansas, you’ll need to file Articles of Organization with the Kansas Secretary of State. The standard filing fee is $165 (by mail and $160 online) , plus an added fee for rush processing.

For Domestic LLCs and Foreign LLCs in Kansas, online filing entails a $165 (by mail and $160 online) and a No franchise tax Franchise Tax. The Statement of Information should be filed within 1 year of registration, costing $25 online and $27.5 by mail. There’s an added Not available for counter drop-offs if filing by mail.

Name Reservation Fee

Desire a specific LLC name? Reserve it before filing the Articles of Organization for a fee of $30 (online) or $30 (offline). This reservation lasts for 120 days, providing you enough time to submit your Articles of Organization.

Registered Agent Fee

In Kansas, all LLCs must have Registered Agent for legal servicing processes. You can expect to spend between $50 – $150 annually on these services.

Business Licenses and Permits

Depending on your business type and location, various licenses and permits might be necessary. Costs vary, so ensure you research thoroughly. The Kansas Business Center (https://www.kansas.gov/businesscenter/) is a useful tool for this.

Operating Agreement

Even though not obligatory, having an operating agreement is recommended for charting your LLC’s course. Costs to have one drafted can start from $1,000.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Most LLCs require an EIN for tax, banking, and hiring purposes. Getting one in Kansas is free from the IRS through the online application or mailing Form SS-4. The online method gets you an immediate EIN, while mail can take up to four weeks.


What are some of the best businesses to start in Kansas?
Some of the best businesses to start in Kansas include agriculture and food production, healthcare, financial services, advanced manufacturing, and information technology.
How diverse is Kansas’s economy?
Kansas’s economy is diverse, with several industries contributing to the state’s economic growth.
What types of agriculture-related businesses are popular in Kansas?
Kansas is known for agriculture-related businesses like grain production, livestock farming, and wheat milling.
Are there opportunities for entrepreneurship in healthcare in Kansas?
Yes, there are enormous opportunities for entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry in Kansas, including telemedicine, medical devices, and life science research.
What types of businesses are unique to Kansas?
Businesses related to aerospace and defense are unique to Kansas, as the Wichita region is a hub for aviation and aircraft manufacturing.
What opportunities are there for a small business owner in Kansas?
Kansas is home to a thriving network of small businesses, offering great opportunities for entrepreneurship.
Are there any business incentives available in Kansas?
Yes, there are several business incentives available in Kansas, such as tax credits and grants for job creation and investment.
What types of advanced manufacturing businesses are successful in Kansas?
Advanced manufacturing businesses like aerospace engineering, composite materials manufacturing, and advanced chemistry are successful in Kansas.
Is it easier to start and run a business in Kansas than in other states?
Kansas has a friendly business environment and is considered one of the best states in the country to start and run a business, according to some surveys.
What is the role of entrepreneurship in the Kansas economy?
Entrepreneurial activity plays an essential role in driving Kansas’s economy, and the state encourages this type of activity.
What resources are there for entrepreneurs starting a business in Kansas?
Kansas offers numerous resources like the Kansas Small Business Development Center, Kansas Department of Commerce, and the NetWork Kansas Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.
What is the cost of living like in Kansas?
Compared to other states, the cost of living in Kansas is relatively low.
How lenient is Kansas regulation-wise for small business owners?
Some people believe that Kansas is more lenient than other states when it comes to regulation concerning small business owners.
What is Kansas’s employment rate?
As of June 2021, Kansas’s unemployment rate is estimated to be around 3.4%.
What is the minimum wage in Kansas?
The minimum wage in Kansas is $7.25 per hour, the same as Federal standards.
Can individuals without capital start a business in Kansas?
Yes, there are organizations in Kansas like Kansas Capital that offer assistance and resources to entrepreneurs without capital.
Is there a role for technology startups in Kansas?
Yes, several highly successful technology startups have founded development centers in Kansas City and other tech hubs in the state.
What opportunities are there for tourism businesses in Kansas?
Kansas is home to several historic landmarks, museums, zoos, and state parks, providing immense growth opportunities for tourism-based businesses.
What types of financial services businesses are popular In Kansas?
Banks, credit companies, and insurance firms are popular in Kansas with consumers and investors interested in financial services type businesses.
What key demographics dominate Kansas’s workforce?
The most active workforce in Kansas tends to be in the age group of 25-44, followed by the 45-54 age group.
What demographics dominate the agriculture and livestock industry?
Male farmers and ranchers account for the most significant percentage of labor in the agriculture and livestock industry in Kansas.
Is Kansas predominantly a blue-state or red-state when it comes to politics?
Kansas is considered a Republican stronghold; however, voter demographics tend to fluctuate and change nationally.
What opportunity exists for vegetarian business options in Kansas?
Kansasan entrepreneurs also embrace vegetarian and sustainable business sectors in alternation to more traditional protein production through vegetarians and Vegan restaurants.
Is Kansas running smoking policies unfriendly for entrepreneurs?
Smoking policies alone in Kansas won’t create thresholds that discourage entrepreneurs. Smoking would fall into broader OSHA requirements significant within cities and counties, and will not account personally.
Is networking significant in Kansas’s entrepreneurial community?
Networking plays a substantial role in the entrepreneur and startup community. Several networking groups Like NetWork Kansas exist to support entrepreneurs in Kansas.
How do entrepreneurs pitch their company in Kansas while COVID-19 has been on the rise again?
Many established pitch competitions have progressed to virtual opportunities to pitch in the face of the pandemic recently.”
Is seasonality an issue for various businesses in Kansas?
Seasonality is only a potential challenge for some businesses in Kansas, notably those dealing with tourism or agriculture.
How big of a part does business advertising have in Kansas Citizens Awareness?
Good advertising skills drive a business by attracting prospective clients that can expand businesses and have a big part in spreading awareness across the locals.
What is the incubation period for setting up a successful business in Kansas?
Depending on the existing foundation of your business model, the Wichita Regional InvestED WZIP affirms that small enterprises typically require 12-18 months incubation time to iterate over the initial growth threshold.
What are the 5 best businesses to start in Kansas?
According to our research, the top 5 best businesses to start in Kansas are restaurant, healthcare, agriculture, software development, and online retail.
Why restaurant business is one of the best businesses to start in Kansas?
Kansas has a growing foodie culture, and its population has an increasing desire for unique and locally sourced dining experiences.
What is the key to succeeding in the healthcare business in Kansas?
Success in the healthcare business in Kansas is largely dependent on meeting the needs of the aging population in the state.
What are the opportunities in agriculture business in Kansas?
Kansas is known for agriculture, and there are opportunities in growing crops like corn, soybeans, cattle, and wheat. There are also opportunities for farmers to capitalize on farmer’s markets.
Are there incentives for starting a software development business in Kansas?
Yes, Kansas offers an investor tax credit program for certified development entities (CDEs) that invest in eligible businesses such as software development.
What makes online retail a good business to start in Kansas?
E-commerce is thriving, and there is a growing population in Kansas that values convenience and online shopping.
What are the regulations for starting a restaurant business in Kansas?
Regulations for starting a restaurant business in Kansas vary depending on the municipality or county in which the business is located, but most restaurants must meet health and safety codes.
Can one start an agri-tourism business in Kansas?
Yes, Agri-tourism business is a growing trend in Kansas. Farms and ranches across the state are opening their doors to visitors who want to learn more about agriculture.
Are there business grants available in Kansas?
Yes, there are various business grants available in Kansas. Many are awarded based on factors such as location, industry, and whether the business is minority-owned.
Is there support for women in business in Kansas?
Yes, Kansas offers several programs that provide support and funding opportunities to women-owned businesses.
Which resource center should I contact to help me write a business plan?
Kansas Small Business Development Center (KSBDC) provides resources to help entrepreneurs and small business owners in writing business plan.
Does Kansas offer any tax incentives for businesses?
There are certain tax credits and exemptions that businesses can be eligible for, such as the High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP) and STAR bond program.
What kind of skills I need to start a healthcare business in Kansas?
A background in healthcare is beneficial but not required to start a healthcare business in Kansas. One should have a strong business acumen, knowledge of laws and regulations, and a customer-centric approach.
How is the airline industry doing Kansas?
The airline industry in Kansas continues to face various challenges including declining airline traffic, reduced capacity facing many airlines, and a perfect storm of financial impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
What steps do I need to take to register my business in Kansas?
To register your business in Kansas, one needs to reserve a name, choose an entity type, then register with the Secretary of State’s office and apply for licenses and permits in the respective city or county.
Do I need to have any farm ownership to start an agriculture business?
No, one can still start an agriculture business in Kansas without any previous farm ownership. Leasing land, collaborating with landowners, and participating in urban farming ventures are all viable options.
Does Kansas have any programs to support entrepreneurial startups?
Yes, Kansas offers the JumpStart Kansas Angel Tax Credit Program, Growth Capital Network, Technology Acceleration Program, KSFRM GAP Fund Program, and Technology Commercialization Fund to help support entrepreneur-led startups.
What are the legal issues to start an online retail business in Kansas?
If you want to start an online retail business in Kansas, you will need to meet business registration, licensing, and tax-remittance legal obligations. Other legal aspects include compliance with consumer protection and privacy laws, data compliance, ecommerce fulfillment agreements items.
How can businesses safeguard their client’s data ensuring they don’t disseminate personal information?
Businesses in Kansas must disclose their data breach notification laws if any cyberattack happens. Shielding sensitive customer data is critical for confidentiality’s sake. Using encryption software, multifactor authentication, and regularly scheduling backups can help prevent the loss of information, also developing a comprehensive security policy.
What returns can I hope to receive while investing in Kansas?
Companies have received 200% and 110% ROI bump using High-Performance Incentive Programs (HPIP) in Kansas. These strategies offer exclusive applications for regional Kansas wage relations in given impact zones to reimburse an allocation of approved enterprise allowance in multifaceted interactions.
What resources are available to help businesses in Kansas find talent?
The State of Kansas website has an online job-posting platform, portal publication, excellent communication, and learning sources- employment law details, advice on training tools, connecting businesses and job-causal Web Development CoSperFX.
How can I learn more about export opportunities for my business in Kansas?
The Kansas Global Trade Services connects exporters with the instruments and online resources for international ship applications-discover inclinations from various nations’ connection with businesses through Kansas.
Can small businesses secure loans in Kansas?
Yes, local banks in Kansas provide loans to small businesses similar to other business loan states.
Are there any business networks available for companies in various industries in Kansas?
Several industry networks help firms improve digital strategies, collaborate internationally, and renew internally by advancing useful forums and conferences—for example, networking conferences by KansasSmallBizNeworkcom.
Can I seek business advice from business acumen experts in Kansas?
Yes, the Kansas Secretary of State office helps provide free advice from specialists on extending wages in Kansas. To locate free training sections across different domains, please go to the SSBDC website.
What is the condition of Insurance Business in Kansas?
Kansas insurance market includes over 100 companies providing coverage, making Kansas’ landscape profitable to new businesses and startups. Leading insurers and innovators rise focusing on current growth trends in the medical, education domains resulting in an increasing number of customer-affective schemes.
What are the unique legal aspects while investing in an Agricultural business in Kansas?
By obeying local statute and federal regulations, insurance protocols required for workers on agricultural landscapes and timely compliance and registering practice the difference while investing in agricultural business.
What role does Renewable Energy plays in Kansas Business?
It opens up new ways of upgrading distribution. Business investment into wind and solar technology has received public backing, tax deals, and complemented commercial engagement within the agricultural domain, benefiting positive global clean-energy compliances.
Does government collective merchandise and sales play a role in Kansas Business?
Yes, the Historic Trails Highway Merchants Association offer inter-regional business alliances for good quality of local made foods sold along tourist attraction routes. In addition, the municipal government transactions regulate import/export for industries.

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Kansas provides a dynamic and supportive environment for entrepreneurs looking to launch their businesses. By carefully selecting the right industry, conducting thorough research, and following the necessary steps to establish your venture, you can create a successful and profitable business in the Kansas market. The opportunities in Kansas are vast, and with the right combination of passion, dedication, and hard work, you can make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

As you embark on your journey to start a business in Kansas, remember to stay adaptable, continuously learn, and stay connected with the local business community. The road to success may be challenging, but the rewards of building a thriving business in The Sunflower State are well worth the effort. We wish you the best of luck as you pursue your entrepreneurial journey in Kansas. To further assist you in this exciting endeavor, visit LLCBase for additional resources, tips, and support tailored to help you succeed in Kansas.

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