How to Transfer LLC Ownership in North Dakota 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Transfer LLC Ownership in North Dakota

Transferring LLC ownership in North Dakota (also known as The Peace Garden State) is a simple process with minimal paperwork. Whether it’s a partial or complete ownership transfer of your LLC in North Dakota, understanding the essential steps, the Operating Agreement’s role, and seeking legal expertise can make the process even smoother.

In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of transferring LLC ownership in North Dakota and offer insights to help you confidently buy or sell your ownership. At LLCBase, we aim to make business formation easier and less overwhelming, supporting you every step of the way.

What is an LLC Ownership Transfer

An LLC Ownership Transfer refers to the process of changing the ownership structure of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) by transferring all or a portion of an existing owner’s (member’s) ownership interest to another individual or entity. This transfer could occur for various reasons, such as bringing in new partners, selling the business, or planning for succession or estate purposes.

Individuals, corporations, other LLCs, or any entity can hold the position of an owner in an LLC in North Dakota. There is no restriction on LLC ownership in North Dakota. LLC owners are called members. A single owner is called a “Single-Member LLC,” if there is more than one owner, it is called a “Multi-Member LLC.”

When an LLC member decides to step down from the owner’s position, they must transfer the ownership to someone else. It can be other existing members of the LLC or a third party. Transferring LLC ownership in North Dakota is a common yet complex deed. LLC owners, who want to transfer their ownership, must follow some steps to do the task.

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Why Transfer LLC Ownership in North Dakota

Various reasons can necessitate the transfer of LLC ownership in North Dakota within an organization. Some of the most common reasons are outlined below:

  • Death of the LLC owner: In the unfortunate event of the death of an LLC owner, it becomes necessary to transfer their ownership to another individual or entity. This can involve the distribution of their share to existing members or the appointment of a new owner.
  • Separation or Divorce of the LLC Owners: When an LLC owner undergoes a separation or divorce, the distribution of their ownership might be mandated as part of the legal proceedings. This can result in the need to transfer ownership to their spouse or another party.
  • LLC owners wish to refrain from continuing their association with the organization: Sometimes, an LLC owner might decide to pursue other interests or retire, prompting them to relinquish company ownership. The ownership must be transferred to another individual or entity in such cases.
  • LLC owners want to appoint a new member (owner): During the business’s growth and development, the LLC owners might bring in a new member with fresh perspectives and expertise. This can involve transferring a portion of the existing owner to the new member.
  • LLC owners want to sell the business off to someone else: There might be situations where the LLC owners decide to sell the entire business, including its assets and liabilities, to another party. In this case, the ownership of the LLC will be transferred to the new owner as a part of the sale.

These are just a few examples of the common reasons why an LLC ownership gets transferred in North Dakota. It is important to note that transferring LLC ownership requires a comprehensive Operating Agreement. This internal document outlines the rules and procedures for the company’s operations, including the transfer of ownership rights. Every LLC should have an Operating Agreement in place at the time of formation to ensure smooth transitions and avoid potential disagreements among members.

How to Transfer North Dakota LLC Ownership

To change the ownership of your Limited Liability Company (LLC) in North Dakota, we prepared several straightforward procedures that need to be adhered to.

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But if you intend to do it yourself, here are the detailed steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Update Your LLC Operating Agreement

Many states do not require filing an LLC Operating Agreement in North Dakota, making it optional for LLCs during formation. However, if your LLC does not have an Operating Agreement, you must create one while transferring the LLC ownership. This document should include ownership transfer conditions and other legal requirements related to the buy-out and sale of the LLC. If you already have an Operating Agreement, carefully review and update it to cover all aspects of the ownership transfer process.

Step 2: File the Amended Certificate of Authority

Transferring ownership may lead to structural changes at the managerial level. In this case, the LLC must comply with the {North Dakota Secretary of State by filing North Dakota Articles of Organization amendment. In North Dakota, LLCs must submit a Public Information Report annually to the North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner detailing managerial changes.

Once the ownership transfer negotiation is complete and an agreement with updated ownership information is in place, file the amendment with the North Dakota Secretary of State. Amend the Articles of Organization, obtain the Amended Certificate of Authority form, and submit it to the North Dakota SOS along with any supporting documents and the required filing fee.

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Step 3: Notify Relevant Parties

Once you have fulfilled all the necessary legal requirements and successfully transferred the ownership of your LLC in North Dakota, it is crucial to communicate this change to all relevant parties. This includes informing clients, partners, banks, and other financial institutions of the updated ownership status. Additionally, notify any business entities, vendors, and officials you collaborate with about the shift in the ownership structure. This ensures a smooth transition and maintains transparency with all those connected to your business.

Step 4: Determine if a New EIN is Needed (optional)

Based on the LLC ownership transfer, you should obtain a new EIN in North Dakota. After the official transfer, check with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to determine if you need a new EIN. Obtain the appropriate form from the IRS website, enter the required details, and submit it. The IRS will notify you if you need to apply for a new EIN.

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By following these steps, you can ensure a seamless transition while transferring LLC ownership in North Dakota. Remember that consulting a legal expert for potential complexities during the process is always a wise decision.

North Dakota Operating Agreement

Creating an Operating Agreement in North Dakota is one of the major steps in forming an LLC in North Dakota. However, many states do not require an Operating Agreement. California, New York, Delaware, Maine, Nebraska, and Missouri are the states where an LLC operating agreement is mandatory.

Even when your state does not necessarily need you to file the Operating Agreement, it is recommended that you should have it to avoid any internal disagreements or issues in the future. An Operating Agreement is an internal document explaining all the procedures, including ownership transfer, LLC operation, members, North Dakota business dissolution, and other LLC-related processes. Operations, such as dissolution and ownership transfer, occur based on those written regulations.

If there is no North Dakota Operating Agreement or it does not have clear ownership transfer or buy-sell agreement provisions, the transfer takes place based on North Dakota state law.

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How Does North Dakota LLC Buy-Sell Agreement Work

In North Dakota, the buy-sell agreement is a part of your Operating Agreement. It explains the instructions for buying and selling the LLC ownership. For example, who can be the member of North Dakota LLC, how will buy out and sell of the LLC be determined, whether the members of the LLC in North Dakota will buy the shares of the leaving owner, and how – these are the points you have in the buy-sell agreement.

Buy-Out North Dakota LLC or Partial Transfer

In this case, the members of the LLC generally buy the shares of the owner who is leaving. As the LLC buys the owner’s interests, the shares get divided equally among the remaining North Dakota LLC members. LLC members must approve the transfer, and then the Operating Agreement (OA) will be updated to exclude the departed owner.

If your North Dakota Operating Agreement does not specify these terms beforehand, you must follow North Dakota state LLC law. In some states, ownership transfer only takes place. Instead, they have to dissolve the business to continue with the process. So, while you’re forming an North Dakota LLC, make sure to create a buy-sell agreement beforehand.

Sell North Dakota LLC or Fully Transfer

Selling an LLC or Fully Transferring the ownership is more complicated than the buy-out process. In this condition, owners have the independent legal right to sell the interest to any third party. They do not need other members’ approval for this. The negotiation between the buyer and the seller involves complexities if there is no Operating Agreement in the first place. As an owner, you must find a buyer, write the change of ownership letter, set out other formalities, and voila! Your ownership transfer is done. The parties will settle the sale contract, including the LLC price, following North Dakota state laws.


What are the requirements for transferring LLC ownership in North Dakota?
The LLC Operating Agreement and state law governing LLCs are key components of any transfer of ownership.
Is there a specific form to complete when transferring LLC ownership in North Dakota?
North Dakota law does not require the use of a specific form. The transfer can be made with a simple written agreement.
Is it necessary to record the transfer with the Secretary of State in North Dakota?
Contacting the North Dakota Secretary of State may be required if the LLC agreement provides for this step.
Can LLC ownership be transferred in North Dakota if the LLC agreement doesn’t have provisions for it?
State law prohibits LLC owners from “assigning” their ownership interests unless the agreement specifically allows for this.
What is the process for getting the LLC Operating Agreement updated before transferring ownership in North Dakota?
Members of the LLC should meet to decide upon language changes before filing the amended Agreement in compliance with North Dakota rules and law.
How are capital accounts handled during LLC ownership transfer in North Dakota?
Under North Dakota law, it is allowed to make any remaining distributions under the original agreement or as adjusted by the members.
Is it possible to transfer partial ownership of an LLC in North Dakota?
Yes, an owner may transfer some or all of their ownership interest.
Can an LLC in North Dakota be transferred anonymously?
Strong prohibitions are in place under North Dakota law to maintain anonymity when it comes to limiting public access for North Dakota LLC ownership transfer filings.
What fees are required to pay during an LLC ownership transfer in North Dakota?
Typically, North Dakota does not charge a filing fee for LLC ownership transfer within its domestic structure.
Can an LLC ownership transfer affect taxation in North Dakota?
Yes– a transfer of ownership may require amended tax filings at the local or federal level.
Is it necessary to pay specific state-level taxes for an LLC ownership transfer in North Dakota?
North Dakota does not impose state-level taxes on transfers of LLC ownership.
Are business licenses necessary during LLC ownership transfer in North Dakota?
Business licenses will remain active unless otherwise revoked under North Dakota law.
Is it necessary to get in touch with the North Dakota Internet Service while transferring LLC Ownership?
There is no North Dakota corporation with the words ‘Internet’ or ‘Service’ as part of its identification, thus contacting a different entity would be necessary.
Are there any notification requirements involved for the LLC ownership transfer process in North Dakota?
According to North Dakota law, purchasers of limited liability company (LLC) interests hold a statutory right to a notice of major changes, including member-related events with type and timing established in the LLC’s governing documents.
What additional steps need to be taken in case the LLC is structurally particular or unique while transferring ownership in North Dakota?
Specialized legal advice may be purchased or alternatively obtained for uncommon recurring circumstances.
Can the transferee make changes to the LLC after the transfer in North Dakota?
Any changes to the LLC agreement require total agreement of the members.
Will the State of North Dakota take place in the transfer of LLC ownership?
North Dakota law requires all limited liability companies in the state to file articles of organization with the state.
Is there a requirement to assign/value LLC owners’ rights while transferring in North Dakota?
Assigning or expressing values of LLC ownership interest (such as when transferring ownership) warrants changing the balance of capital accounts under North Dakota law.
Does North Dakota impose restrictions on the type of people choosing to become members of an LLC?
The information in the articles of organization ensures compliance with rules established by North Dakota local businesses code.
Can liability create a legal problem while transferring LLC ownership in North Dakota?
Prospective buyers are obligated to conduct a careful diligence of business value to determine whether any apparent liabilities transfer to the new owner when gaining LLC ownership interests.
What additional taxpayer identification requirements accompany transferring ownership of an LLC in North Dakota?
Transferor’s and transferee’s certificate must include taxpayer ID numbers.
Does a client need to update his registered agent name to successfully transfer LLC ownership in North Dakota?
LLCs must indicate a registered agent name with each filing made under North Dakota statute. Clients must update registered agent names and any other information changes that occur during ownership transfer.
Will paperwork need to be transferred between parties for LLC ownership transfer in North Dakota to take place ?
Action should be taken to revoke the existing company’s contribution agreement relating to those membership interests for the existing LLC.
Will documents on ownership transfer of LLC need Notarization in North Dakota?
It’s not a compulsory step, but a foreign notarized or certified record may help improve approval for a transfer of ownership in North Dakota.
Does North Dakota state law require any documents to be filed when LLC ownership is merely awarded?
If another award holder is named or replaced because of LLC ownership’s clarifications in title legislation, filing is required under North Dakota state law.
How does North Dakota state law determine future valuation of memberships when transferring ownership of LLC?
Operating agreements may establish valuing options ranging from formulae-quoted charges or independent appraisal guarantees in ties where liquidity preferences expect any contributing value amounts.
Can an LLC owner who willingly bought stake and later wants revocation t be entitled North Dakota LLC rules along this line?
Consistent with LLC ownership and revocation policies, willing transaction is binding and subject to any relevant remedies approved under mutual agreement.
Will North Dakota impose domestication statutes under normal LLC ownership transfer circumstances or rule it out altogether?
Incomer conversions are allowed indications under North Dakota’s business principles but legitimacy to precise rule set focused on inter-entity exchange and complexity of ownership architecture.
What is an LLC?
An LLC is a limited liability company.
How do you transfer LLC ownership in North Dakota?
To transfer LLC ownership in North Dakota, you need to follow specific steps laid out by the state.
What forms are needed to transfer LLC ownership in North Dakota?
Usually, the LLC needs to file some documents with the State of North Dakota, including an amendment to its Articles of Organization and Confirmation of Transfer of Interest.
Can I transfer my LLC ownership to another person?
Yes, as long as the other person agrees to take over the LLC and you follow the necessary legal steps to transfer ownership.
Will I need to pay a fee to transfer ownership of my LLC in North Dakota?
Yes, fees will likely be involved in transferring LLC ownership in North Dakota.
What will happen to the LLC bank accounts during the transfer of ownership?
All LLC bank accounts will usually need to be updated with the new ownership and tax information.
Can the LLC and the new owner agree to the transfer of ownership without filing an Amendment to the Articles of Organization?
No, the transfer of ownership needs to be documented with through the state filing an amendment to its Articles of Organization form.
How long will it take to transfer ownership of an LLC in North Dakota?
Timelines can vary depending on the complexity of the transfer and filing fees, but typically, it takes two weeks to one month to transfer ownership.
Can I transfer a partial ownership interest of my LLC?
Yes, it is possible to transfer partial ownership of an LLC.
Are there any residency requirements to transfer an LLC ownership in North Dakota?
No, there are no such residency requirements.
Do all members of an LLC have to agree to the transfer of ownership?
The transfer of ownership typically requires that a majority or supermajority of members agree to the change.
Can an LLC be in multiple states?
Yes, an LLC can be registered in more than one state.
What are some legal requirements that need to be fulfilled during an LLC transfer of ownership in North Dakota?
Filing of updated Articles of Organization with the State, confirmation of transfer of interest is the major legal action that must be filed in ND.
Can the LLC transfer occur without a formal sale, only an on-paper sell is possible?
An on-paper LLC sale is possible, all legal formalities must have to be followed as if it is a formal sale(event) too.
Is a notarization required during the transfer of LLC ownership in North Dakota?
Yes, notarization is often required for certain documents to be filed with the state, like a Bill of Sale.
Are there any taxes or fees to pay in connection with the transfer of ownership?
Yes, whenever ownership is transferred, there will typically be taxes and fees.
Is there a limit on the number of times an LLC ownership transfer can occur in North Dakota?
There are no strict limitations regarding how often an LLC ownership transfer can occur, but it’s good to consult with relevant authorities if u are looking into do this multiple tinmes
Can an LLC transfer ownership sale/donation simultaneously be to more than one buyer/donee?
It’s unlikely that names with individual names can added to articles, not as a beneficiaries/ dissolved properties.
Is transfer of ownership incomplete without informing the agents(s) in the process?
It is usually necessary to provide notice of the transfer of LLC ownership to registered agents involved with the LLC.
Can online transfers for LLC ownership happen?
LLC ownership transfers can happen online anywhere in the United States including North Dakota.
Do all changes to a registered LLC in North Dakota have to be reported to the Secretary of State?
Answer, Yes, regulatory officials must be informed of a change in ownership or any other relevant issues.
What happens to any tax ID assigned to my LLC and will it need to be updated with the respective federal office owing to a change in ownership rules?
Due to a change in the owner of an LLC, taxes IDs including Employer Identification Number (EIN) will usually need to be updated.
Can I sell my LLC to someone who is not a resident of the United States?
Yes, foreigners(Residents not PG based or international businesses) are feasible candidate for buying an LLC.
Can an LLC membership interest be assigned to multiple assignees?
Membership interests an be assigned to multiple assignees unless structured otherwise in the LLC rules.
What happens to the name and branding materials during the transfer of the LLC ownership?
After an LLC ID name and article then files an amendment ticket to update any other names of brands.
Can the terms in an LLC operating agreement be modified during a transfer of post-ownership company formalities?
Yes, operating agreements can be modified during transitions in ownership and management.
Are there cases where transfer of an LLC require approval from local government agencies in North Dakota?
LLC transfers do not usually require local government agency’s approval in North Dakota unless remote circumstances occur.
Can an LLC be dissolved while transferring ownership?
An LLC can be dissolved while transferring ownership but the rightful approval must be obtained before such an event occurs.
Where can i find support/advice for transferring LLC ownership in North Dakota?
Helps are available online for finding experts in the process or by Visit the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office website for more information.

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Navigating the process of LLC ownership transfer in North Dakota can be a breeze with minimal paperwork and steps involved. All you need to do is update the formation documents with the new ownership details, file the necessary amendments, inform relevant parties, and adhere to the state’s regulations. To make the process even more seamless, consider enlisting the help of professional services that specialize in LLC ownership transfers. Please don’t wait any longer; visit LLCBase now to explore how we can assist you in streamlining the entire process!

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