How to Change a Business Name in Idaho 2024: Ultimate Guide

How to Change a Business Name in Idaho

Welcome to our all-in-one guide on renaming your business in Idaho (also known as The Gem State)! We know that a name change can impact your operations, brand, and customers. We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible, offering expert advice and guidance throughout the process.

Get ready to dive in as we explore the necessary steps for a successful business name change in Idaho. We’ll cover everything from selecting a new name to updating crucial documents and registrations, ensuring your Idaho LLC remains compliant and thriving. At LLCBase, we’re here to support you every step of the way in this exciting journey towards a fresh business identity in Idaho!

What is a Business Name

A business name, or trade name, is the official and unique title under which a company conducts its operations and represents itself to the public. It is essential to a company’s identity in branding, marketing, and communications. A well-chosen business name distinguishes a business from its competitors and conveys its values, mission, and services or products offered to customers.

A business name represents your company’s identity and is crucial for all branding and marketing initiatives. However, entrepreneurs often feel the need to change their business’s name at some point.

Top Reasons for Changing a Business Name

  1. Rebranding: One of the most common reasons for changing a business name is rebranding. As businesses evolve over time, their initial name may no longer reflect the current products, services, or target audience. A new name can help create a refreshed identity and better communicate the business’s direction.
  2. Expansion: Another reason for changing a business name is geographical or market expansion. If your company name was initially tied to a specific location or target market, a change might be necessary to reflect the new areas you’re targeting.
  3. Mergers and Acquisitions: Adopting a new name representing both entities’ strengths may be beneficial if your business merges with or acquires another company.
  4. Legal Issues: Trademark disputes or potential infringement can also lead to a business name change. If you’re facing legal challenges over your company’s name, rebranding might be a wise choice to avoid further issues.
  5. Negative Associations: Suppose your business has faced negative press or unfavorable associations with its current name. In that case, a name change can help distance the company from past issues and signal a fresh start.

Change a Business Name: A 4-Step Guide

Let’s discuss the various steps and procedures involved in changing your business name effectively:

Step 1: Choose Your New Business Name

Selecting a new name is the first step in changing your business name in Idaho. Many business owners file a DBA (Doing Business As) or a Fictitious Name before registering their business with the Secretary of State (SOS). They can then change this name when filing their business. To choose a new name and file a DBA, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Idaho Secretary of State to access the Idaho Secretary of State Business Entity Search, where you can search for the desired name and confirm its availability. 
  2. Once you have found an available name, proceed with the DBA name filing in Idaho. The Idaho DBA filing method can be done through three methods, online, by mail, and in person filing., which may include For online filing, check the Idaho Secretary of State. There, look for the “Trade Names” section. You will get the registration form. or For filing offline, you must send the downloaded PDF form or drop it off in person at the Office of the Secretary of State, P.O. Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720-0080 options.
  3. Depending on the chosen filing method, you may need to submit a DBA application form and pay the associated $25 Filing Fee and $20 Additional processing fee if filing a hard copy by mail or in-person. This fee may vary depending on your state and filing method.
  4. After successfully filing your DBA, keep track of the Indefinite, as you may need to renew your DBA registration periodically, depending on your state’s requirements.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition in changing your business name in Idaho while maintaining compliance with state regulations. Remember to update all relevant documents, licenses, and registrations with your new business name to avoid confusion and maintain a consistent brand identity.

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Idaho Requirements to Change a Business Name

Before proceeding with the next step, it is crucial to know the naming guidelines when choosing a new name for your business. These guidelines may vary based on the type of business structure. For example, if you start a Idaho LLC, the following rules must be observed when changing the name:

  • The name should be available for use
  • The name should not be in use by another business
  • The new name must include “LLC” if it is a limited liability company
  • The name should not be confused with a government entity
  • The name should be unique

Read the Idaho LLC name search article to learn more about LLC naming guidelines if you are forming an LLC.

Step 2: Prepare the Documents

Once you choose a new business name, prepare the necessary documents to file the Idaho Certificate of Amendment. Gathering all the required information and double-checking for accuracy before the submission is essential. Along with the name change form, submit the following details:

  • Current business name: Provide the existing name of your business as it appears on your registration documents.
  • New business name: Clearly state the new name you have chosen for your business, ensuring that it complies with your state’s naming guidelines.
  • The entity number of the business: Include the unique identification number issued by the Idaho for your business. This number is often called the Secretary of State File Number or the Business Identification Number.
  • Board of Directors’ approval statement (for corporations): If your business is a corporation, provide a statement indicating that the Board of Directors has approved the name change. This statement should include the date of the meeting during which the decision was made and the signatures of the authorized representatives.
  • Information on shares (if applicable): For corporations, provide details on the number of authorized shares, the various classes of shares, and any changes to the share structure resulting from the name change.
  • Signatures of members (LLC) or Shareholders (Corporation): Obtain and include the signatures of all required parties, such as LLC members or corporate shareholders, to confirm their agreement to the name change.
  • Idaho Certificate of Amendment filing fee: Include the appropriate filing fee of $50 in Idaho. This fee may vary depending on the state and the type of business entity.

Just like the first process of starting a business in Idaho, ensure that the details in the  Certificate of Amendment are consistent with the initial filing documents. Inconsistencies may result in the cancellation of your registration or delays in processing the name change. By carefully preparing and reviewing your amendment documents, you can help ensure a smooth transition to your new business name in Idaho.

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Step 3: File the Idaho Certificate of Amendment

After thoroughly preparing and reviewing all the necessary documents, proceed to file the Idaho Certificate of Amendment for your Idaho LLC or an Amendment of Articles of Incorporation for corporations. Keep in mind the following steps to ensure a successful filing:

  1. Attach the name reservation form: Remember to include the name reservation form with the Amendment forms. This form typically confirms that you have reserved and have the right to use the new business name.
  2. Choose the appropriate filing method: You can file the Certificate of Amendment online or by mail, depending on your state’s available options. Each method may have specific requirements or fees, so research your state’s guidelines to determine the best option for your business.
  3. Submit the  Certificate of Amendment forms and fees: Complete the required amendments, providing accurate information and including all necessary signatures. Include the appropriate Idaho Certificate of Amendment filing fee of  $50, which may vary depending on your state and business entity type.
  4. Keep track of processing times: Depending on your state and filing method, the processing time for your Amendment may vary. Monitor your filing status and be prepared to address any questions or concerns from the state agency.
  5. Obtain a confirmation or updated registration documents: Once your  Certificate of Amendment has been processed and approved, you should receive a confirmation or updated registration documents reflecting the new business name. Keep these documents for your records and update any other relevant materials.

By diligently following these steps and adhering to your state’s requirements, you can successfully file the Idaho Certificate of Amendment and transition to your new business name. Remember to update all related licenses, permits, and registrations to maintain compliance and prevent confusion.

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Step 4: Update the New Business Name

Once you have successfully filed the Idaho Certificate of Amendment, updating the new business name in various areas is crucial to maintain compliance, prevent confusion, and ensure a seamless transition.

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But if you decided to update the new business name yourself, consider the following updates that you need to do:

  • Legal documents: Update the Idaho statement of information, loan documents, active legal contracts, lease agreements, and any other relevant legal documents with your new business name.
  • City/local registration: If your city or local authorities require business registration, update your new business name with the appropriate departments, such as the Idaho Secretary of State, by submitting the necessary forms and fees.
  • Business Licenses: Contact the relevant departments to update your new name and obtain the necessary Idaho business licenses and permits for operating in Idaho.
  • Bank Accounts: Visit your bank or financial institution to update your business accounts, credit cards, and checks to reflect the new name, ensuring a smooth financial transition.
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS): Amend your business name with the IRS by obtaining your EIN records or filing an updated Form ST-101 to maintain compliance and prevent confusion.
  • Other updates: If you have employees, amend your records with the Idaho Department of Labor and the employment development authority. Update any additional business permits, insurance policies, and legal documents as needed.
  • Marketing materials: Update your website, signage, business cards, merchandise, social media profiles, email signatures, and other places where your business name is displayed to maintain a consistent brand identity.

Updating your business name across all relevant areas ensures a smooth transition and minimizes any potential issues arising from the name change. This comprehensive approach will help maintain your business’s credibility and reputation while adapting to the new name in Idaho.

Considerations When Changing a Business Name

  1. Customer Recognition: When changing your business name, it’s essential to consider its impact on your existing customers’ recognition of your brand. Ideally, the new name should maintain some connection to the old one to retain customer loyalty and familiarity.
  2. Trademarks and Domain Name Availability: Before settling on a new name, ensure it is available for trademark registration and a corresponding domain name is available for your online presence.
  3. Costs and Time Investment: Changing a business name involves various costs, such as legal fees and marketing expenses. The process can be time-consuming, from notifying customers and suppliers to updating documentation and signage.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Impact: Changing your business name can impact your website’s SEO rankings. Building a strong online presence using your new name and updating all online content and backlinks will require extensive work.
  5. Notify Relevant Authorities: When changing your company’s name, ensure you notify the relevant local, state, and federal authorities, update your tax information, and obtain new business licenses and permits.


How do I change my business name in Idaho?
To change your business name in Idaho, you must file Articles of Amendment with the Idaho Secretary of State.
Would reserving a new name be necessary before changing the name?
If you want to reserve a new business name before changing a current one, you can file a Name Reservation Application with the Idaho Secretary of State.
Can a foreign entity change its name to operate in Idaho?
Yes, a foreign entity must first register to do business in Idaho and then follow the same process as a domestic entity to change its name.
Is there a deadline for filing a name change with the state of Idaho?
There is no specific deadline for filing a name change with Idaho. However, the name change will not be effective until your amendment document is filed and approved by the Secretary of State.
Can I change the name of my limited liability company (LLC) in Idaho to a name that is already in use by another LLC on the registration list?
No, Idaho law forbids the duplication of names between business entities, including LLCs.
Does the Idaho Secretary of State require a specific form for filing a name change?
Yes, you need to file Articles of Amendment to change your business name with the Idaho Secretary of State.
Can a series LLC change its series names along with the registered name?
Yes, a series LLC can change its series and the registered name. All changes must be filed and approved separately.
Will changing my business name change any licenses or permits associated with my company?
Yes, changing your business name may require you to obtain new licenses and permits, such as those related to trade names or fictitious names.
Can I use a new name without paying the naming fees again?
No, you must submit a new Name Reservation Application and pay all required fees when changing a business name in Idaho.
Will my employer identification number (EIN) change if I change my business name?
No, changing your business name does not affect your EIN. You may continue using the same EIN but must update your business name with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
Does the Idaho Secretary of State charge a fee for changing a business name?
Yes, currently, the fee for filing Articles of Amendment for a name change is $30 for profit corporations and $25 for limited liability companies.
Can I submit a name change amendment online in Idaho?
Yes, you may file an amendment to change your business name online through the Secretary of State’s web-based Filings Portal.
Will changing the business’ name affect its legal or financial responsibilities?
No, changing a business’ name does not affect its legal or financial responsibilities. All obligations and contracts remain in effect.
Will changing my business name affect my company’s credit profile?
Changing your business name may slightly affect your credit profile; your past credit history and credibility are still tied to your company.
Is it required to publish a notice of a name change in a newspaper in Idaho?
No, Idaho does not require notice of a name change in a newspaper.
Is it required to notify anyone other than the Idaho secretary of state of your new business name?
Notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Idaho Tax Commission, your bank, and any other relevant financial institutions, vendors, or suppliers of the change.
Can I change my dissolution date along with the name change?
Yes, you may change dissolution dates and anything else in your business and filed articles when submitting the name change amendment.
Do I need to change my EIN and other internal record-keeping when changing a business name?
Yes, update any internal and financial records that use or recognize your business’s name, including those for employee payroll, tax withholdings, and the accounts of the company.
Can a company go back to using its previous name if it has already been changed?
Yes, a business may change its name back to any of its previously used names by complying with Idaho’s Name Reservation requirements.
What happens if the business I’m changing names to use by someone else in Idaho?
Your name application may be denied if the requested name matches any existing business entity on the Idaho Secretary of State records.
Do I need to search the availability of the new name before filing with the SOS?
It is essential and advisable to search the Idaho Secretary of State business records to ensure the availability of your proposed name before filing the documents.
Can I reserve a name using the SOS online filings portal?
Yes, you may reserve a name using the Idaho Secretary of State’s web-based Filings Portal.
What information is required in my Amended Article of Incorporation when seeking a name change in Idaho?
It must contain your company’s current name, ID, and the proposed new name, among other information, such as the effective date of the change and signature of any authorized agent.
Can you have your accountant/attorney mail-in the name change amendment?
Yes, authorized agents [legally handled employees, CPAs, attorneys] may present these documents on behalf of business owners, and those documents may be presented through the emplacement or mail reception in Idaho.
When is the right time to change a business name in Idaho?
Regulatory wise, there are no specific scenarios that may motivate your business to change its name. Business, marketing, growth, or development purposes are some of the reasons why the business may change its name.
How do I change the business name of my Idaho LLP that has already been dissolved?
If the Idaho LLP name is already dissolved/terminated, the solutions enterprise would need to file the limited partnership reinstatement application through the Idaho secretary of state in addition to a name change amendment.
Can you use your previous name while the filing for a name change is pending in Idaho?
Dead registrations and available reservation queries within the secretary of agent state prioritize the name adjustability selections, and the suggested name does not give allowance for employment circumstances.
What happens if I make a mistake in my Amended Articles when changing my name with the SOS?
Once any errors are corrected, non-sanity, notwithstanding standard-dependent, thoroughly authorization conditionally paces reply letters with a distinct disc – proof notation identifying the modification of the application and preserving the necessary document, document recording individual fillings adjusting everything necessary to adjudicate the subscription document at the promised subscription location.
How much time does it take to implement a business name change filing in Idaho?
After the document is submitted, email addresses submitted notification electronically verified two business days. Processing depends on the priority of flow modification demands, possible renewals and up keep of specified periods, completion of additional orders, and the volume of traffic within customer support windows operations if verified, occurring in live and same periodic intervals.
What forms or documents do I need to file to change a business name in Idaho?
You need to file an appropriate Name Change form with the Idaho Secretary of State office.
What entities can change their business name in Idaho?
All legal business entities including LLCs corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships can change their name in Idaho.
How long will it take to process a name change request in Idaho?
It may take up to a week or more for the Idaho Secretary of State office to process the application and update their records.
Is there a filing fee involved in changing a business name in Idaho?
Yes, there is a $25 fee for filing a name change application with the Idaho Secretary of State office.
How often can I change my business name in Idaho?
There are no restrictions in Idaho regarding the number of times you can change your business name.
What are the consequences of not properly registering a changed business name in Idaho?
Failure to properly file your name change form with the Idaho Secretary of State office can result in legal problems and other issues in your business operations.
Can a business owner change the name of the business without the consent of other partners or officers in Idaho?
No, unless otherwise agreed upon in the partnership or corporation agreement, other partners and officers must approve any decision to change the name of the business.
Is there a special process to change the name of a LLC in Idaho?
Yes, LLCs which changes its business name in Idaho must file an Amendment form with the Idaho Secretary of State office.
How long can a sole proprietorship operate without filing a business name with the Idaho Secretary of State?
There is no time limit for operating a sole proprietorship, but it’s best to register the business in Idaho to avoid any legal issues in the future.
What steps should I take before filing for a business name change in Idaho?
You should conduct a thorough research and ensure that your new business name doesn’t infringe on any trademarks or violate state or federal laws.
Can I change the name of my business in Idaho if it is currently inactive or has been dissolved?
No, if a business is inactive or has been dissolved, you must apply for a reinstatement before making any changes to the name.
Do I need to obtain a new EIN if I change the name of my business in Idaho?
No, the EIN number stays the same if you change the name of the business. You may need to inform the IRS of the name change separately.
What is the deadline for filing the name change form with the Idaho Secretary of State office?
There is no specific deadline, but any changes to your business name should be reported as soon as possible to avoid any legal troubles.
Can an LLC or corporation apply for a DBA if they want to start using another business name without changing their legal name in Idaho?
Yes, you can also file a Doing Business As (DBA) application to use another name to conduct business.
Can I change only the spelling of the business name in Idaho?
Yes, minor changes likes the spellings or punctuations can be made but major changes need to be approved by the Idaho Secretary of State.
Who can sign the Name Change form for an Idaho business?
An authorized representative like partner, member or officers of the LLC, board members, etc. can sign the form.
Can a business change its name in Idaho without any public notice?
No, once approved, the secretary of the state will make the name change announcement in a newspaper for public scrutiny.
Can a foreign corporation file for a name change in Idaho?
Yes, if you are a foreign corporation doing business in Idaho, you can file for a change of name to comply with state laws.
Is it possible to change the trade name of my Idaho business which is different from the legal LLC or corporation name?
Yes, with a DBA application, secondary trade names can also be changed in Idaho while issuing the old DBA is necessary.
Is it necessary to obtain a business license after changing the name of the Idaho business?
No, just a name change application must be obtained with the state. But there might be other licenses applicable to the business.
Can a business change the name if it is in good standing with the State of Idaho but owes any additional tax or fee?
No, a business must clear all additional debt with the state to be eligible for a name change request.
If I change the name of my company, will I also lose my credit score in Idaho?
No, credit scores are linked systems like Dun & Bradstreet Professional Registration and directories, so a name change should not affect your score.
Is there a specific way to format the new business name in the Name Change form in Idaho?
Yes, the name should follow the guidelines like a minimum number of characters or punctuation required as per state law.
Do I have to get a new Tax Identification Number (TIN) if changing the name of an Idaho business?
In most cases No, as the entity of the business sustained, other details unchanged but one should check with the IRS regulations for any changes.
Can the Secretary of State in Idaho reject my business name change request?
Yes, your request may be rejected if you use prohibited or unauthorized words or phrases or if the requested name is similar to other registered business records.
Can businesses have two names, one for the website, and one for business dealings in Idaho?
Yes, as long as one name is legally registered, naming differences kept to be used only for the websites are allowed in Idaho.
What happens to my registered trademark when a name change occurs for an Idaho business?
Any change in the name of Business will trigger a flag on your trademark office in nationwide. The trademark provider may require additional paperwork.
How do I notify banks, clients and providers of the business name change in Idaho?
After the approval of the request from Idaho Secretary of State, the business name change should be update on bank accounts, websites, and trademarks other business entities to avoid any complications going forward.
Can I continue using the old business name along with the updated one simultaneously in Idaho?
Yes but this would depend on the type and circumstances according to Idaho laws, and application to the Secretary may or may not be required.
Is there an age limit or other requirements to change the business name in Idaho?
As it requires an authorized representative to execute the authorized documents the requirements may vary from case to case, like legal permission for a minor’s business name change.

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Changing your business name in Idaho is a significant decision that requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following the steps outlined in this guide and diligently updating your business name across all relevant areas, you can ensure a seamless transition while maintaining compliance with state regulations and preserving your brand’s reputation.

We invite you to visit LLCBase for more helpful resources and guidance on navigating the complexities of running a successful business in Idaho. Let’s make your business an enduring success story in Idaho!

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